Reclaiming Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine

We offer an approach to health that is rooted in ancient healing. We include aspects of traditional Chinese diagnosis in our practice to gain insight into your current state of health. We focus on traditional remedies that include dietary therapy and food energetics, herbal supplements and self-care practices…inviting balance to your body and your life.

Holistic Nutrition

We believe that natural foods have the power to heal. We will help you take the stress out of eating by offering affordable, seasonal menu planning, nutritional education, guidelines for allergies and sensitivities, whole food supplements and body awareness. We also specialize in diets that are appropriate for chronic conditions and long term illnesses such as autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Amma Therapy

Amma is a form of Asian bodywork and includes deep bodywork and acupressure along the meridians, cupping, guasha and moxibustion. Like a needle-free form of acupuncture, Amma brings balance to areas of the body that are stressed while supporting and tonifying the entire body system. Corrina has a grounded, nurturing approach and specializes in working with women to bring harmony and vitality back into their lives.

Cleanses + Classes

We offer supported, seasonal cleanses to boost immunity, improve digestion, clear the mind and calm the spirit. They are specially designed for each season to clean you out and build you up!

Our classes cover a wide range of holistic education including topics like childhood nutrition, cultured foods, staying healthy with the seasons and traditional methods in the kitchen.

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sara_corrina2Our approach

If this is your first step in your journey to better health, we understand how you may be feeling! Our role is to support you in weaving your own unique web of vibrant health and wellbeing and to reconnect to your body’s natural rhythms, mind and spirit.

We offer a supportive, warm, welcoming approach and will create a plan together based on your individual needs and goals.

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